Sixty Degrees Motorcycles loves the round rubber tyre goodness and we get satisfaction from recommending the right motorcycle tyres to suit your riding needs.

Car drivers often don’t understand why tyres are so important to us motorcycle riders.  We know why!  The right choice in motorcycle tyres is the difference between a comfortable, confident, safe and happy ride with plenty of grip and feel vs that uncomfortable feeling when your riding that you don’t know what your tyres are doing, or worse, they’re randomly ‘letting-go’ on you and losing grip.

We strive to always provide the right advice when it comes to your choice of motorcycle tyres, whether you’re after Road, Supersport, Trackday, Commuting or Cruiser tyres, we’ll take the time to help you make the right choice for you.

We specialise in Pirelli & Michelin but can supply & fit most other brands – we’re even happy to fit the tyres that you supply.

The Tyres that Sixty Degrees Motorcycles Supply:

All motorcycle tyres are Australian delivered and come with a manufacturer’s warranty. During the fitting, we also check the wheel bearings & brake pads and if replacing the rear tyre, we also clean, adjust & lubricate your chain. Sixty Degrees Motorcycles also rub down your tyres with a solution that dissolves some of the mould-releasing agent on the tyres to reduce slipperiness – (rider caution is still advised and needed for some time as we cannot strip all of the ‘slipperiness’ off).

Sixty Degrees Motorcycles discounts the fitting of tyres that we sell to you but there are some conditions that apply.

Dunlop Tyre Special

We have managed to secure a few sets of Dunlop Tyres at a fantastic price. As a result we are passing on the savings to our customers.


Types of Motorcycles that we supply tyres for:

  • Supersport & Street-Sport
  • Sport-Touring & Touring
  • Naked
  • Track
  • Cruiser
  • Adventure & Dual-Sport
  • Cafe Racer
  • Learner
  • Postie / Honda CT’s

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