Upcoming 2% Credit Card Surcharge

In business, operating costs increase regularly which unfortunately drives retail prices up. In the case of workshops, that usually results in increased labour costs.  Banking is expensive and Sixty Degrees Motorcycles can no longer absorb the credit charges.  We have no intention of increasing our labour rate but some costs must be passed on.

Commencing Monday 30th January 2017, there will be a 2% surcharge to customers for all Credit Card transactions.

There are still 3 ways you can pay us that won’t incur the 2% fee and will avoid giving the Banks our hard-earned money:

  1. Cash
  2. EFTPOS using Cheque or Savings account
  3. Direct Deposit into Sixty Degrees Bank Account.

The short version – As of Monday 30th Jan, 2017 customers will incur a 2% surcharge for using Credit cards to pay.  Customers can avoid paying this fee by paying Cash, EFTPOS (cheque or savings), or Direct Deposit.

Thankyou all for your understanding.

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