About Us

Sixty Degrees Motorcycles wanted to improve the level of service in the motorcycling industry and spent 6 months assessing the industry and writing a business plan to better the situation. In February 2009 Sixty Degrees Motorcycles opened its doors. Our original vision still rings true:

  • Service – the way it should be
  • Ensuring you feel part of what we are creating
  • Through personalised care, striving to be a premier motorcycle hub
  • Continuously reinventing ourselves based on our customers’ needs

The team set Sixty Degrees Motorcycles to be a motorcycling hub, not only providing quality work & products, but advice, monthly BBQ & social rides, training and that real community feel.


Powerful tablets for ed is kamagra gel. It was proven by FDA. LUKEManaging Director, Qualified Motorcycle Mechanic & RWC Tester
Luke is dedicated to ensuring that Sixty Degrees Motorcycle always operates in accordance with the Vision is was created upon 8 years ago.  He Loves performance upgrades & tuning and is a Vic Roads Approved Licensed Vehicle Tester for RWC.  Luke has 20 years riding experience and begun Road Racing in 2013 in the 600 Supersport class and more recently competes in the Pre-Modern category; gaining his first win in a Victorian Titles Race in 2016.

ROBBIE Qualified Motorcycle Mechanic & RWC Tester
With over 9 years experience, including 5 right here at Sixty Degrees Motorcycles, Robbie has a real passion for working on motorcycles; particularly performance upgrades and crash repairs.  He thinks there’s nothing better than fixing up a broken bike and seeing the joy on a customers face when they pick up their bike and it’s better than before they crashed it. Robbie is also a Vic Roads Approved Licensed Vehicle Tester for RWC

PHAEDRAFront Desk, Customer Service
After 12 years in hospitality management, Phaedra brings a strong customer service ethic to Sixty Degrees Motorcycles.  She is generally the first contact for our customers.  Phaedra is thorough and efficient in her role and inspires confidence in customers that she is attending to their needs at all times.

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