A big part of the work we conduct here at Sixty Degrees Motorcycles is motorcycle accident crash repairs.  Whether it is an insurance claim motorcycle repair or you are paying for the repair yourself, we will return your pride and joy to better than former glory.

We take immense pride in the final repair of your motorcycle and make your life as easy as possible by dealing with the insurance assessors and insurance companies on your behalf.  Sixty Degrees Motorcycles also guarantees all the repair work that we perform.

All accident crash repairs on your motorcycle are conducted using OEM parts for all standard damaged items.  If you have aftermarket accessories fitted to your bike, we will wherever possible, source and replace those items also.

Unlike car smash repairs where often the car is never quite the same again, motorcycle repairs bring the bike back to ‘new’.  Everything can be repaired or replaced on a motorcycle (within reason of course).  Once repaired you would not be able to tell that there had been previous damage to the motorbike.

We will repair your motorcycle whether you are insured or not.

For non-insurance motorcycle repairs, Sixty Degrees Motorcycles provides you with the options available to ensure the most cost-effective way of repairing your motorcycle within a budget.

The Insurance companies that we work with are:

  • QBE Insurance
  • Swann Insurance
  • RACV Insurance
  • Shannons Insurance
  • Famous / Calliden Insurance
  • Allianz Insurance
  • APIA Insurance
  • Budget Direct Insurance
  • Cuna Mutual
  • Lumley Insurance Brokers
  • Youi Insurance
  • Yamaha Insurance
  • Mi-Bike Insurance

At present, Suncorp Insurance (AAMI, Insure-My-Ride, GIO) have a preferred repairer so we are unable to look after motorcycle repairs for them.


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