Free Pick Up Service – Suspended

Hey guys and gals,

Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, the free pickup service within 12km of the shop is temporarily suspended.  There’s a chance it may remain suspended for the remainder of this year (which is only 5 weeks for us).  As soon as it it available again, we will let you know.

In the mean time, if you require your Motorcycle transported, please contact CycHaul Motorcycle Transport 0419 173 453.

Luke & the Team at Sixty Degrees Motorcycles

Shop Ride – Saturday 17th Feb

Sixty Degrees Motorcycles Rides are Back!

It has been a while since we’ve done these, but they’re back. The first Sixty Degrees Monthly ride is on this coming Saturday, leaving at 11.30am.

The shop will be open from 11.00am for everyone to meet and have coffee, so we can leave at 11.30am to go for a ride up into the hills enjoying our bikes with as few traffic lights as possible! 

For those of you that haven’t been on a ride with us before, there’ll be plenty of stops, there’s a lead rider and a tail rider and we corner mark, meaning you can ride at a pace you’re happy with and get to the end of the ride with a smile on your face.

Everybody Welcome so bring your friends.

Christmas Closure

Hey Ladies and Gents,

We are closing for Christmas break on Wednesday 20th December 2017 at 5.30pm.  We will re-open on Monday 8th January 2018 at 8.00am.  If you need anything done before Christmas please give us a call 03 9562 6603.

Thankyou all very much for your support throughout the year.  We look forward to continuing our services to you in the years to come.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Have fun over the festive season.

The team at Sixty Degrees Motorcycles.

Deal of the Month – Free Tyre Fitting – Free 3 Day Superbike 2018 Pass

DEAL OF THE MONTH – FREE Fitting, FREE 3 Day Pass!!!!

Check out this fantastic promotion from Pirelli. Buy a SET of the tyres from us and get a free 3 day Paddock Pass to the World Supers in 2018.

As an added sweetener – if you buy these from us in the month of November we’ll fit them for FREE (Free fitting – November Only).

Contact us at the shop today to Book in 03 9562 6603.

Superbike 2018 Paddock Pass

Free Tyre Fitting Deal of the Month

AMEX – surcharge change 1st Nov 2017

For all our customers that have American Express credit cards – our AMEX surcharge is soon to be reduced!

From 1st November 2017, customers using AMEX to pay for their services at Sixty Degrees Motorcycles will no longer pay a 3.5% surcharge – They will pay the same credit surcharge as Visa and MasterCard customers which is currently 2.0%.

Usually customers are penalised more for using their American Express cards as opposed to MasterCard or Visa customers.  Here at Sixty Degrees Motorcycles, we are always looking for ways for customers to receive the most benefits in the fairest manner.

We have a new arrangement with American Express to reduce the cost to you, the customer of utilising their services.  If you would like to know anything further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sixty Degrees Motorcycles welcomes customers’ use of American Express to pay for services.  We look forward to our continued business with you.

Now Accepting AMEX Payments

Sixty Degrees Motorcycles is now accepting payment via American Express Card* as well as all other usual payment methods.

* Please be advised that payments made by American Express card attract a 3.5% payment surcharge.


Dunlop Tyre Special

Dunlop Motorcycle Tyre Special.

We have managed to secure a few sets of Dunlop Tyres at a fantastic price. As a result we are passing on the savings to our customers.

Call us on 03 9562 6603 to take advantage of this great offer.

The Dunlop Motorcycle tyres that are now on special are the Dunlop Roadsport and the Dunlop Roadsmart 2.

Dunlop Roadsport Motorcycle Tyres

Dunlop Roadsport Special Pricing

Roadsmart II Special

Dunlop Roadsmart II Motorcycle Tyre Special

Big Changes Coming Soon

A New Year often starts with making changes.  In keeping with tradition, I’ve made some big changes for 2017.  Here’s a taste to whet your appetite (more details will follow in the next few days):

Four of the changes are: A new team member; Saturdays closed; Late night trading, Shop rides returning and…

the BIG one coming very soon: FREE Motorcycle Pick Up/Transport Within 12 Km Drive of the Shop

Stay tuned for coming details of what all this means.


Upcoming 2% Credit Card Surcharge

In business, operating costs increase regularly which unfortunately drives retail prices up. In the case of workshops, that usually results in increased labour costs.  Banking is expensive and Sixty Degrees Motorcycles can no longer absorb the credit charges.  We have no intention of increasing our labour rate but some costs must be passed on.

Commencing Monday 30th January 2017, there will be a 2% surcharge to customers for all Credit Card transactions.

There are still 3 ways you can pay us that won’t incur the 2% fee and will avoid giving the Banks our hard-earned money:

  1. Cash
  2. EFTPOS using Cheque or Savings account
  3. Direct Deposit into Sixty Degrees Bank Account.

The short version – As of Monday 30th Jan, 2017 customers will incur a 2% surcharge for using Credit cards to pay.  Customers can avoid paying this fee by paying Cash, EFTPOS (cheque or savings), or Direct Deposit.

Thankyou all for your understanding.